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MetaTrader4 (MT4)

The MT4 trading platform enables users to trade on Forex. They can use the platform to analyse financial market dynamics, deal, develop and use automatic trading software. The MT4 terminal includes a number of features for successful trades and for implementing individual strategies.

MetaTrader4 Analytics

The analytic capabilities of MT4 are amazing. Users can trade each financial instrument in nine timeframes. For fans of technical analysis there are over 50 indicators and if those are not enough, users can write their own using MQL4 programming language. This enables traders to quickly identify trends, find various patterns and determine the best moment to enter or leave the market. Those who prefer dealing with hard copies can print out any diagram. There is a variety of free database indicators and experts in MT4. The experts enable analysis and trade to be completely automatic, minimizing time and effort.

Orders Execution

The trading features of the MT4 are vast. The terminal has three types of order execution and a wide range of orders - market order, deferred order, stop-order, etc to enable users to execute full and flexible trades. There are a number of ways to set those orders on the MT4 terminal, for instance, trading right from a diagram. Using the built-in tick diagram users can precisely determine the point of entering and leaving to take advantage of a favourable moment or set trading events alerts. The trading features of MT4 will help every trader implement a personal strategy.


The developers of MT4 ensure the security of trading operations. All data transferred between the trading platform and the servers is ciphered with 128-bit keys. This measure provides complete security of trading transaction. Additionally, you can use a digital signature-based security system, which is impossible to hack.


Despite the many functions of MT4, it is straight forward to use. The carefully designed ergonomic interface makes the program easy to understand and getting to know MT4 takes a matter of minutes. Should users have questions, they can find the answers in the detailed help section.


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