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JM Financial (“JM Financial”) is regulated by Ministry of Commerce in the State of Kuwait bearing registration no. 355893, focusing primarily on Institutional clients and Professional Individual Clients with a small number of Retail clients. We offer the similar core service as traditional capital market facilitator, with supplementary value-adding features;

Connectivity infrastructures

JM Financial manages risk on a pre-trade basis via low latency pre-trade controls and offers clients a real-time position monitoring, co-located connectivity to bank and non-bank feeds.

Strong liquidity offering

JM Financial provides direct market access to a wide range of bank and non-bank liquidity providers and ECNs.


JM Financial’s mission is to become the preferred trading institution for the discerning investor, who seeks competitive price with better access to liquidity through aggregated feeds, via ECNs or bank and non-bank pools, with a comprehensive back-office solution. JM Financial is a facilitator in the online trading and investment of the global financial markets, our strong focus on technology means that unlike traditional brokers, we can service the professional traders and ultra-high net worth individuals. We seek to provide an unparalleled service to its clients and understands the needs of today’s modern investor. JM Financial will have a global focus with much more interest in emerging markets, this is due to our understanding and experience of such markets. JM Financial want to create a company that achieves a loyal following by being the best, both in terms of price, execution, and investment varieties, but also in service and support to its clients, JM Financial goal is to become a trusted, brand name internationally.

Product and Services

Core business activities of JM Financial revolve around its professionaland retail clients in the GCC & MENA regions. JM Financial provides online trading platforms to professional clients allowing instant access to their portfolio and trading account. Clients are able to access their account 24/7 and place orders or trades on any open market at any time, on a real time basis. The system streams prices, charts, news and information directly to the client via their platform, giving them the tools they need to trade.


JM Financial was founded by industry professionals, full time traders, asset managers and money experts. A unique and fundamental part of our business and the strength of the proposition is the team of people we have working within JM Financial. From seasoned market professionals to a management team that has a strong and proven track record in achieving exactly what it is we intend on doing, this gives us a clear advantage over our competitors


The growing trend of investors wanting to be in control of their own portfolios and trading decisions has seen triple figure year-on-year growth since 2001. This is largely due to the penetration of high speed internet, the development of technology and the huge increase in professional investors. The FX Brokerage industry has changed significantly since the onset of the financial crisis.

Many banks have been forced to deleverage to meet stringent capital and liquidity requirements and, as a result, have stopped providing access to liquidity to small and medium sized funds, money managers, prop funds and retail brokers. At the same time, demand for better liquidity and execution services continues to rise as new entrants come into the market. To access liquidity, they are turning to a new generation of brokers who can service them in a viable way. This has been further helped by the collapse of some of the large investment banks, who previously controlled this space, but now hold little confidence in the eyes of investors.


Giving clients what they need when they need it is essential to the success of attracting the right clients, we feel we have the perfect combination of price, product and service; supported by some of the most experienced people in the business. Our commitment is to provide competitive rates, deep liquidity, best and effective execution through banks and advanced trading tools. In addition to provide our partners and clients advanced trading tools and financial solutions to facilitate their global trading through our accounts. Our setup allows for the best investment diversification and account management allowing professional traders/Investors to seize available investment opportunities globally. What this means for the client is competitive pricing – always, market leading trading platforms that are both easy to use, but comprehensive in their content and features. Transparency and service are also important parts of the package that will gain investor trust and loyalty.

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